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Gaming Cabinets

1U Rack Mount Chassis
1U 14" Front Mount Motherboard
1U 14" Rear Mount Motherboard
1U 20" 3.5"+5.25" 
1U 20" 2 Drive + 5.25"  
1U 24" 3 Drive + Slim CD 
P4 1U Econo (Certified w/Intel S845WD1)  
1U 3-Tray
2U Rack Mount Chassis
2U Short ATX
2U 4-Tray
2U 5-Bay
2U 6-Drive  20" Depth
2U 6-Drive  24" Depth
2U 6-Drive 2-5.25  20" Depth
2U 6-Drive 2-5.25  24" Depth
2U 6-Tray2-5.25  20" Depth
2U 6-Tray2-5.25  24" Depth
3U Rack Mount Chassis
3U 8-Hard Drive 2-5.25  20" Depth 
3U 8-Tray 2-5.25  20" Depth 
4U Rack Mount Chassis
4U 4-Bay
4U 8-Bay
4U 12-TRAY 3-5.25  20" Depth 
4U 12-Hard Drive 3-5.25  20" Depth 
4U 9-Bay
8U Rack Mount Chassis
8U 13-Bay (Holds Total of 22 hard Drives)
RAID & CD-ROM Enclosures
Raid Rack Chassis
CD-ROM Rack Chassis
Rack Accessories
19" Vertical Rack Cabinets
42" Vertical Rack Cabinet
63" Vertical Rack Cabinet
File Server/PC Cases
Mid Tower
Full Tower
Large Server
Super Server
Drive Adapters, Carriers & Coolers
Bay Coolers
Drive Adapters
Removable and Hot-Swap Drive Carriers
SATA Drive Carrier
Slim CD/Floppy Combo (Available for CD/RW & DVD)